Empowering your Customers in Social Media

As technology advances, we at NW Technology are encouraging that and more. We want everyone to see who we are and where we want to go. It’s not going to be an easy task but we are confident that it will be accomplished and we are going to be right where we want to be as a company.

Here are a few questions that you need to ask: do you know our products and services? Do you think that Social Media will help the company overall? These are the few questions that we need to ask ourselves. Also, we need to ask ourselves as well if we know our customers’ interest in social media? Do you know how to engage them? These are just a few questions that we need to stop and ask so we are aware of what is going around with our company.

As we embark on this new journey we need to realize that everything is possible if we make it possible. We need to have good structure in order to have our customer engaged. We need to focus on their company needs and our consumer needs. We want to have a little of both worlds so we can understand and focus on how to empower them in social media.


Let’s start by answering these questions.

Do you know the company products and services?


Most sales force executives don’t know exactly what is our products or services that we offer. In this case we understand because our sales force is trying to bring more customers and sometimes they lose sight of who we are which is bad because we want the consumer to see who we are and what we can offer. At NW Technologies, we want to educate our employees more and show them all the great products and services that we can offer.


Do you think that Social Media will help the company overall?



Social media is the future and we need to embrace it, as is the evolution to technology. We don’t know if social media will help us but we need to take that chance and see where it takes us. We need to see what our consumer thinks about our products and services. We need to know where are we lacking and what we can do to make it better for the company and for them.

I found an interesting story that talks about Scott Gulbransen, the Director of Social Business Strategy for H&R Block, Brian Solis (2014) says their employee empowerment as a direct link to their customer relation. Scott says that their reps are seen as trusted resources to their friends and family, by the corporate team offering tips, it takes marketing out. We need to be that a link, we want to empower our customers to do more; we need to show them that social media is where they are going to be helpful and we are going to show them how.

To answer the question is social media will help the company overall, we are saying yes, it will. We need to have a plan in place to make sure everyone is utilizing social media the proper way.

It is great idea to keep everyone engage because we get better results. By doing this we are going to start a training program, which every employee will have the opportunity to learn and see how we can keep, empower and engage our customers. We are going to provide all the elements that are necessary. At NW Technologies we believe that we need to make sure that our employees have all the necessary tools to get their duties done or to give them something extra that they could utilize in any other workplace in the future.

Our customers are our assets. We want to keep them informed and get them to help us with future development, which their opinions will help us with that. We need to answer the following in order to know our customer:


Do you we know our customers interest on social media?

This question is very valid to us because we don’t know their interest. We will find out their interest once we get them engage. Part of our social media training will be dedicated to this part, what is our customer interest? We need to have an idea so we can engage and empower them in our company social media. They are the key to our success but need to have the proper elements in place this is why we are doing the training. As we review all of these questions and all the information, we can easily say that we are going to have a great deal of learning to do as well.


NW Technologies Empowering 2.0


After our management and marketing (us) review all the cases studies, we have agreed that we are introducing our Empowering 2.0. Is the new training section that will have all the topics about empowering our customer and social media, we created this idea base on an article that Tom Smith (2014) wrote about empowering customer and facing employees. We know this will be a great opportunity to all our employees because they will get ideas from the Marketing team. You will have show how to engage your customer and what to share and not to share with them.

We are going to start by asking your customers for testimonials, which are essentials because you can use this to recommend the products or services to other customer. This will be the first step of getting you started with empowering. After, we show you that you need to listen and make time for your customer. This is going to be a great start to get everyone excited with the new program. We want our employees to feel accomplish and let them take the next step. Alistair Niederer (2013), wrote on the Huffington Post that companies need to clear how they represent themselves outside and inside the company. This is why we want to exceed and give our employees all the elements they will need to exceed in their departments.

We will be working on integrating our blog with a NW Technology customer blog, which customer will have interaction and gives their opinion on new ideas and products, which it will be great for them, and we can get them, engage. This will also be there they will be posting their testimonials which will be great because everyone will have access and we can learn more.

We are very excited that we are doing this and we are helping our company and especially helping our employees get more information and ideas. This new training will be great. We are posting it our intranet which everyone will have access and we see that everyone is familiar we are rolling it out to our customer as integration so we can empowering them first hands. We are here to help everyone, so if you need more information, we will be sending out emails to all the employees, so keep an eye open.

We are empowering everyone!

The NW Technologies Marketing Team




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